Safety Software SystemGuardian Safety Software

Capture, Track, and Report on Safety Observations, Audits, and Inspections.

Guardian Solutions remediate workplace risk immediately by capturing and reporting on observations, audits, and inspections to prevent future injuries or fatalities… 

Imaging SecuritySiteWise

Virtual facility tour picture and video cataloging program.

Site-Wise security software provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage…

Radiological SurveysVSDS

Electronic, radiological environmental survey capture program.

The Visual Survey Data System (VSDS) is a comprehensive risk mitigation program for documenting radiation and other hazardous information allowing you to capture electronically within workplace…

Environmental MonitoringGEDDS

Radiation, heat stress, noise, and vibration monitoring program.

The Graphical Electronic Dosimetry Display System (GEDDS) is a real-time radiation monitoring program enabling health physics professionals to monitor workers in high radiation environments…

Safety Observation & Inspection Mobile App:

The Guardian mobile apps allow employees to record Safety Observation, Audits, and Inspections easily online or offline. Click on the YouTube video below for a quick two minute demo.


S&W has developed the most user-friendly & flexible Safety Software in the world.

With over 100,000 users across the world, Guardian has quickly become the leader in workplace well-being in oil & gas, power generation & transmission utilities, and manufacturing industries.


S&W Technologies has over two decades of experience creating easy-to-use, high value Safety Software solutions that eliminate workplace risk of OSHA Incidents for Utility Companies, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Construction industries. Our behavior based safety management software solutions are highly flexible and provide documented cost and time savings and reduce workplace injuries by improving the customer’s business process.



Professionals choose Guardian programs based on these Critical Success Factors:

  • Ease of Use: Fast rollouts with and high user rates
  • Flexibility: Supports EHS in all industries and processes
  • Scalability: Guardian supports from one pilot location to a global rollout
  • Integration: Guardian works with your existing corporate structure
  • Support: US-Based technical support staff responds to customer requests quickly

Guardian Safety Observation & Inspection Software

Our customers continue to choose S&W Technologies software to keep their employees safe while streamlining processes across safety, maintenance, quality, construction, and transportation departments.
In fact, 80% of nuclear power plants across North America have implemented one or more of our best in class safety software products to manage safety observations and inspections to reduce employee injuries and fatalities.


INJURY ELIMINATION:  Guardian has been designed from the ground up with one goal:  Eliminate employee injuries and fatalities.  Our mobile app platform allows employees to record observations and submit corrective actions in real-time.  The dashboard and reporting system is easily configured to immediately identify risks before injuries occur.  S&W works with clients to identify key indicators that can be monitored by our business intelligence module to proactively notify management of safety alerts before injuries occur.


EASE OF USE:  From a user perspective, Guardian is the easiest system on the market. Ease of use translates to rapid implementation and high user satisfaction rates.  Our customers confirm that ease of use is the number one critical success factor for employees recording high quality safety observations.  Our users promote Guardian’s ease of use to their colleagues, which facilitates a greater participation rate and enhances the overall safety culture.


FLEXIBILITY: Guardian can be configured to accommodate any safety, inspection, or audit process.  An unlimited number and variety of checklists can be easily created and maintained by the designated Administrator to accommodate continuous improvements as well as problem areas.  Our utility customers typically begin with their standard safety checklist covering behaviors and conditions but quickly realize that Guardian also supports other audits and inspections required for plant outages and maintenance.  The Human Performance Lead at Pacific Gas & Electric Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant states that the Guardian Mobile App Platform facilitated their best safety and inspection results during an outage to date.


SCALABILITY:  Guardian is designed to scale easily with zero impact to the business.  The system can be configured to support a single location up to an enterprise-wide implementation with complete continuity.  The system supports up to twelve levels of an organizational hierarchy including independent operating company segregation while maintaining the ability to monitor key indicators across the entire enterprise.


INTEGRATION:  Large-scale implementations require systems integration to ensure both organizational hierarchies and employee information remain synchronized without manual data entry.  Guardian supports data imports from any HR system including PeopleSoft, SAP and others. Single Sign-On (SSO) is also available which allows employees to use their existing corporate username and password to access Guardian.  S&W worked closely with one of the world’s largest Oil & Gas Services company to successfully implement HR and organizational integration for over 60,000 employees worldwide.


SECURITY:  Guardian is a hosted Software-as-a-Service platform and as such, adheres to the most stringent data security standards.  S&W Technologies is extremely responsive to customer IT data security departments to ensure Guardian passes their annual security audits.  All of our customers require confirmation that their data is never “co-mingled” with other customer data.