Site-Wise Guardian Observation System

Guardian Observation System Observation System

Site-Wise Guardian Safety Observation System enables you to capture, track, and report on behaviors, inspections, safety audits, and more...

  • Observe employee's / contractor's safety behaviors
  • Observe workplace safety conditions
  • Record data easily via the web or handheld devices to reduce manual entry
  • Capture, Track and Report observations / inspections at a site / project, region or corporate level
  • Share best practices between locations
  • Link to the Guardian Incident Tracking System

Site-Wise Guardian Puts You in Control

  • Create customized checklists as needed for safety observations, inspections, audits and more
  • Customize observation point inventories, barrier definitions, and categories
  • Input data via tablet PC or mobile devices in the workplace
  • Assign and track action items
  • Generate detailed reports by site and rollup reports across sites
  • Identify and mitigate risks to reduce incidents
  • Monitor and track the performance of your safety process

Benefits and Key Differentiators

  • Allows end-user customization
  • Links to the Guardian Incident Tracking System to help you identify trends and weaknesses in your safety process
  • Can be hosted by S&W Technologies or installed on your network
  • Easy to use system for both staff and management interaction
  • Customizable Safety Observation Dashboard to monitor your company's safety observations, inspections, audits and more
  • Comprehensive scheduling tool for automated reporting
  • Lower the total number of human injuries
  • Lower costs associated with work place injuries