Site-Wise Imaging Security Solutions

Site-Wise Imaging Security Solutions virtual facility tour picture and video cataloging system


Site-Wise Imaging Security Solutions for Industrial

Site-Wise Industrial safety program provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage. Download the Site-Wise Industrial Product Brochure.

How Our Program Works:

Site-Wise for industry is an asset management and picture and component cataloging safety system that provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of your facility that help with the following:

  • Responding to accidents or emergencies
  • Locating any component in the plant instantly
  • Improving planning for maintenance or emergent work
  • Decreasing radiation or other hazardous exposures by minimizing or avoiding unnecessary time in the plant or area
  • Links to S&W’s GEDDS monitoring system to display real-time hazardous exposure information on any pictures within the system

Benefits and Key Differentiators:

  • Allows cataloging of still pictures or video for an interactive tour of the interior and exterior of your facility
  • Creates a visual representation or floor plan of any location including access paths
  • Asset management tools ensure facility components may be cataloged easily for reference
  • Permits multiple user access to asset and component information through an intuitive interface
  • All data are stored using the latest encryption technologies
  • New asset information can be added easily to allow frequent updates and management
  • Full color photos, floor plan maps and components can be printed
  • Hyperlinks can be configured to provide real time data from remote sensors or video feeds

Incident Management

  • Provides on scene and remote emergency response personnel instant access to vital information
  • Pictures, floor plan maps and component details are accessible for interagency communication
  • Information instantly available on a portable PC, over a network or the Internet
  • System is ideal for emergency preparedness training

Business Continuity Planning

  • Provides a complete visual inventory with virtual tour of the facility using picture cataloging
  • Detailed photos and floor plans may be coupled with appraisal information for a seamless recovery plan
  • Asset Management program helps provide detailed documentation and records which speed up insurance claims process

Facility Maintenance and Modification

  • Asset management program encourages photographing and cataloging each component in relation to its location on the facility floor plan
  • Floor plan data and asset information are then available to aid routine maintenance programs and unplanned maintenance
  • Hyperlinks can be configured to link real time sensor or equipment feed data



Site-Wise Imaging Security Solutions for Education

When you are trusted to protect the safety of others, you can’t afford a delay in emergency response. Outdated floor plans, antiquated blue prints, and inaccessible files could lead to catastrophe in a life and death situation. Current State and Federal legislation mandates that all school districts prepare detailed emergency response plans to local and state emergency officials. Site-Wise provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage. Download the Site-Wise Education Brochure.

How Our Program Works

Site-Wise Education is a comprehensive system that helps you establish a campus wide protection plan in support of the following:

  • Establish safety procedures and strategies so first responders and staff can ensure the safety of students and faculty
  • Develop a comprehensive facility plan in case of fire, natural disaster or hostile act
  • Implement an effective facility maintenance program
  • Comply with state and federal mandates for emergency response plans
  • Our campus protection plan system and emergency response plan program gives first responders instant access to view tours of your facilities, critical location images, floor plans, maps and related information simultaneously
  • Allows you to catalog still pictures or video clips to create an on-line interactive campus tour for both the interior and exterior of your facility
  • First responders can easily assess critical situations, coordinate activities, execute strategies and deploy resources in record time while always being aware of their point of reference
  • The system creates a visual representation of any location on the campus including access paths in and around the area using floor plans and other drawings
  • Facility components can easily be cataloged for reference and used to improve safety awareness
  • Multiple levels of protection so only personnel or emergency responders with correct permissions have access to critical information

Benefits and Key Differentiators

  • A proven, easy to use interface
  • Easy to set up and update with timely information
  • Ability to catalog campus photos or video
  • Gets key data to first responders
  • Multiple levels of protection