Radiological Survey Software: GEDDS


Graphical Electronic Dosimetry Display System (GEDDS) Environmental Monitoring Software for Radiation, heat stress, noise, and vibration tracking

How much time does it take to reconcile data and measure workers hazardous exposure within the workplace?  Do you have the Radiological Survey Program in place to manage this process?


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This program is a real time data gathering, display and archiving radiation monitoring program enabling health physics professionals and technical staff to monitor workers in high radiation and other hazardous exposure work environment. This program helps you:

  • Collect information from all of your radiation and airborne contamination monitoring program simultaneously
  • Automatically archive radiation and exposure data for historical safety trends
  • Monitor areas and people in one integrated structure
  • Provide employees with real-time radiation and exposure levels and safety information throughout the plant
  • Feed area monitor and airborne contamination data in real-time to the VSDS and Site-Wise safety systems
  • Obtain historical data instantly for trending and incident investigation

How Our GEDDS Radiological Survey Software Solution Operates:

  • Gathers real time data from a wide variety of devices-electronic personnel dosimeters (EPDs), area radiation monitors (ARMs), continuous air monitors (CAMs), and industrial hygiene monitors
  • Routes radiation data across the network to a central server
  • Disseminates data to the end users and archives for future retrieval
  • Can be linked to any access control system to provide automatic login and logout of dosimeter users
  • Both standard Windows® graphical user interface and web browsers are provided
  • Data is displayed to an operator and informs when critical exposure levels are reached or exceeded

Benefits and Key Differentiators:

  • Improved efficiency in radiation data collection and safety practices
  • Documented evidence of safety standards compliance
  • Provides centralized collection of data allowing a safer work environment
  • Provides graphical display of exposure levels over time to document trends
  • Provides real time and historical radiation and exposure data for incident investigation
  • Immediate notification of harmful exposure levels throughout the plant
  • Supports unlimited numbers of users and monitored devices
  • Supports all major manufacturers of radiation instrumentation plus a variety of industrial hygiene devices
  • User friendly training simulator
  • Remote Monitoring Training Simulator
  • Integrated Telemetry/Video Display

How Does The Graphical Electronic Dosimetry Display System Work?

The program uses real-time information gathering technology to assemble data from a variety of monitors, then routes that information across the network to a central server. The program then distributes this data to the operator and reports when exposure levels reach unsafe or critical levels.

When dealing with exposure identification and mitigation, every second spent is critical. Evaluating radiation hazards requires technology that allows you to improve efficiency when collecting radiological data, and improve safety practices to streamline productivity.

GEDDS provides a centralized management system which allows managers to monitor and control data in the workplace for easy documentation and compliance analysis.

Identify your risk areas and exposure levels with an easy-to-use graphical display that compares both real-time and historical information. You’ll be immediately notified of any harmful materials or exposure levels, which reduces the risk of injuries or fatalities during a radioactive incident.

The program supports an unlimited amount of users and monitoring devices from all major manufacturers of radiological survey equipment. S&W Technologies also offers comprehensive training on all GEDDS technology so you can get the most out of your investment.

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