How Our Safety Management Systems Can Help Your Business

Safety Inspection Management Software Systems

Safety Incident Management Software - SW TechnologiesOur customizable workplace health and safety management systems let you capture OHS observations for OSHA inspection lists, make audit checklists, and the incident management software helps you quickly share best practices with different facilities.

These helpful OHS management systems will help you reduce workplace injuries and fatalities.

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Security Software

Security Software - SW TechnologiesSite-Wise provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage.

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Environmental Survey Software

Environment Survey Software - SW TechnologiesVSDS is a comprehensive system for documenting and radiation and other inspecting hazardous information. VSDS lets you to capture this electronically in your workplace.

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Real-time Data Monitoring Safety Software

Real-time Data Monitoring Solutions - SW TechnologiesGEDDS (Graphical Electronic Dosimetry Display System) collects data in real-time, displays your data and archives radiation monitoring. This OHS management software system lets health physics professionals and technical staff monitor workers in high radiation and other hazardous exposure work environments.

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